Meet the Team

Mina Gotlieb


In 1979 when Avner started Keystate Homes, he knew he couldn’t do it by himself. Mina, has always been the Keystone to Keystate. Mina, is involved in daily decision making and consults with the Keystate Homes team on regular basis. She shares a passion for Interior Design and Architecture. Mina, holds a degree in Art and Interior Design from Ursuline College. Mina has been involved with every project of Keystate Homes since 1979. Mina, who’s father was a carpenter shares the passion for residential construction. She and Avner have been partners in life, with over 50 years of marriage.

Avner Gotlieb

Director of Operations

Building homes since 1969, Avner started Keystate Homes in 1979. Prior to starting Keystate Homes Avner worked for National Home Builders. Avner has more than 54 years of real estate experience in residential project management, property management and property ownership. Along with an extensive background in residential development, Avner has expertise in custom home building, affordable home building, multi-family development, restoration, home remodeling and turnaround of commercial and residential real estate projects.

Andrew Gotlieb

Business Development Director

Andrew is a lifelong resident of Northeastern Ohio and has a passion for real estate specifically, custom home building. Andrew has eleven years of experience working in the real estate sector, working in real estate consulting, commercial property development, residential development and financial analysis. Andrew graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Geography. It is at The Ohio State University that Andrew studied City & Regional Planning from the Knowlton School of Architecture. In 2012 Andrew graduated from Cleveland State University with a Masters in Urban Planning, Design, and Development with a specialization in Real Estate Finance.