Did you know there are many types of contracts in home building?

Keystate Homes offers a variety of contracts and Custom Home Services. Our process and quality never change,
however our contracts and services do, saving you time and money.  We  help you choose the best contract for your project.


This is the most common contract service that builders and customers do. It is popular for several reasons. The customer knows the price of exactly what they are getting. Banks and lenders alike are favorable towards Fixed-price contracts in custom home building because of its low risk for going over budget. Keystate Homes has been building on Fixed-price contracts for years. We will share a variety of floor plans and designs for which we have established fixed prices. We provide a range of options to maximize your decision making process while we build your home together.


This is Keystate Homes most favorable contract as it allows transparency among us and our customers. We do this simply by showing you all of our contracts and expenses for your project. Our customers see everything and know what they’re getting. We provide weekly and monthly summaries of all invoices and expenditures. We pick the best subcontractors at the best price, while you select the materials and finishes you want. Keystate Homes ensures every project is done right, and if that means extra time, that is discussed with the client. We guarantee to match and beat anyone cost plus % contract service (as long as the project is within Northeast Ohio).


This works similar to our cost plus contract, although a flat fee is charged for any home we build. This allows you to pay a flat fee for our contract services while enjoying all of the advantages our cost plus % contract service. We take the time to make sure you get the best of both the Fixed Fee Contract and a Cost Plus % contract.


This contract/service is ideal for “Do It Yourself” customers. The Consulting Service Contract provides step by step consulting on your custom home project. We talk you through the process and provide counsel on approvals, design, materials, subcontractors and future home resale value. Whether you are just starting, in the middle or at the end of your project, we will jump in to assist. Keystate Homes is here to guide you to success.